Neal, owner and President of Your Fit Club, has had a long 20+ years history in the fitness industry dating back to the early 90's when the cardio equipment craze was in its infancy. He noticed various clubs he had memberships at had one thing in common...Out-Of-Order signs! He quickly discovered the commercial fitness equipment manufacturers were missing a key component, service! Leveraging his knowledge in electronics and mechanical designs, he approached a handful of the new commercial fitness equipment manufacturers with the idea to create one of the first companies specifically dedicated to the support of commercial fitness equipment. This approach allowed the manufacturer to have visibility and field support in Michigan and Northern Ohio that could maintain their advanced equipment in the health clubs, hospitals, rehab clinics, and municipalities it was starting to be utilized in. By providing real time feedback to their engineering departments, it allowed them to implement quicker advancements and more reliable designs while at the same time, eliminating down time. This new approach helped pave the way to a long list of worldwide independent fitness equipment service companies that act as an extension and partner to the manufacturers as Neal's company has done for over 2 decades.

Over the years the performance of his company has afforded it a growth rate to hold exclusive contracts with many of the largest of these manufacturers, and support the continually changing equipment in over 150 commercial facilities across the state. He has been instrumental in providing the kind of feed back that has sparked some of the changes we see in the commercial fitness equipment used in clubs and continues to do so today. It's been said that if there's a model of commercial fitness equipment that has been produced in the last 20 years, Neal has probably had his hands inside it!

It's this knowledge base that Neal utilized to create the Your Fit Club concept. A club that begged to be different, while still maintaining a level of customer service traditionally only seen at facilities with a much higher price. He knew the equipment played a large part in this and while each fitness equipment company has some hot products...they also have a bunch of not-so-hot products, thankfully he had the advantage of knowing the difference. Neal set out to design a 24 hour club that facilitates only the finest models from each of the major manufacturers while never plagued with irritating out-of-order signs. He hand picked very specific pieces based on function, features, biomechanics, and of course reliability. By utilizing this approach, he found the ability to provide a world class fitness and training facility that could cater to every demographic from sedentary and obese, general fitness, post rehab, to elite athletes. Neal believes you shouldn't have to be a top professional athlete to be privileged enough to work out on the equipment that they get to use, and feels everybody regardless of their fitness level, will reap the same excelerated benefits from using this top level equipment. These statements will echo through you, as you take your first tour of Your Fit Club, you'll get a quick education and a feeling that he put a lot of passion into this.


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