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I joined Your Fit Club a month after they opened in the year 2010. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to experience the growth of the business and the staff. I decided to write a brief letter explaining my observations and recommendation to future members.

It's the first club that I have worked out at that the owners and staff are in great shape and actually spend time on the floor explaining or coaching you on the proper techniques and correct exercise motion. The staff is highly trained and had knowledge in all areas of training and weight control. Their knowledge of performance enhancing supplements and weight control techniques and help me reduce my body fat and increase my muscle mass.

The club has experts on site that are incredibly knowledgeable trainers that have a true passion for their work. They take the time to explain the proper way to exercise and offer special one on one programs to suit your needs. They can develop a program for fat reduction, added muscle tone, increased cardiovascular endurance and improve your self image. The owner and staff provide the extra amount of encouragement and motivation that you would need to push you to accomplish your goals.

The staff is always well prepared and keeps things interesting with no training session ever being exactly the same. They also never hesitate going the extra mile for his clients to achieve their individual fitness goals. The staff provides just the right amount of motivation for me to push myself just a little bit more to go beyond what I think I can do. They actually make the whole training process fun and I look forward to the challenge they offer me each session. Each training session has something unique and new. I am not only getting in great shape but I am also learning a variety of exercise techniques as well as functional exercises. Since training at the club, I have decreased my percentage of body fat as well as improved my cardiovascular fitness and added muscle mass.

In 2007 I had an operation on both my legs and I lost the feeling in my left leg from the knee down. I also had an issue with my right hand and fingers after an operation in December 2010. My prognosis was, I would more than likely never return to a normal state. In 2011 the club purchased a new machine they call a "Vibe Plate". With the encouragement from the owner I have been working on this machine and have regained 60% of my feeling in the leg and my right hand and fingers continue to improve.

If you want a great club with great people this is the one to join!
- Joe M.

I have been working out for about 14 years. Throughout that time I have had memberships to several gyms and clubs. It's nice to finally be at a club where the staff actually cares about your overall health and well being. No matter what your fitness goals are this place has the right tools for the job.
- Curtis J.

I have never been to a gym in my life. I was skeptical about joining Your Fit Club Yes I didn't know anything about working out. That wasn't a problem, the Team took me through each machine explained everything. I can honestly say it's one of the greatest decisions I have made a long time. I just feel good and feel like I am accomplishing something. A very big part of that is Ms. Liz who I've dubbed 'drill sergeant.', she's the best drill sergeant in the world. About 2 months ago I decided I needed a push to kickstart me and start taking my workout seriously. I started taking cardio bell classes with the Liz and the gang. The cardio didn't kill me so I decided to take on personal training which was offered by sergeant and I am still alive and kicking. Seriously, I look forward to each class I take. She motivates us to keep going and reach for the goal we have set for ourselves. You should consider taking a class or a personal training session, take it from me....a 42 year old, ' young woman' if I can do it anyone can. You will feel so good about yourself in the end. Our motto for our personal training group is...' out with the old in with the new'. Thanks to Ms Liz for all your encouragement and inspiration.
- Kim Adkins

Before working out at your Fit Club I wasn't motivated at all. I was actively racing BMX but not where I wanted to be physically and mentally. I've been working out here for a couple months now and the results are amazing. I've never been in better shape. This place is a good gym, clean, neat, and full of good people.
- Brian A Jr.

Great family atmosphere for people who want to get in a serious workout with the aid of top notch instructors and equipment. Neal and his staff are professional and first rate.
- Dr. Charles S.

Very intimate. Gotta love it when you walk into a place and they know you by name. They take the time to get to know you, which is important to me. Love this place!
- Christi H.

Cleanest gym I've ever been too! Every machine in perfect running order.
- N.R.

This is a great place to work out. The equipment is awesome and the staff is great (including the owners).
- Cheryl W.

It's so nice to be part of a gym that cares about you as a person. I love Your Fit Club and the staff is the best.
- Shanna S.

Your Fit Club is amazing! I've been to many gyms and this gym is hands down by far the best. The owners get personally involved and are always willing to help. I will never end my membership here unless I opened my own gym. I love this place, so does my wife. This is the place to be. Kristen and Neal "the owners" I love you, you are awesome!
- Joshua M.

I've been a member since November 17th and I would recommend this gym to everyone, the staff is the best at what they do and are here for you and your goals.
- Anthony T.

Your Fit Club is a personal gym with hours and equipment that is just right for anybody looking to change to a healthy lifestyle.
- Zack W.

Your Fit Club's 24/7 hours have made it so simple to get a daily workout in. It's always safe and clean. I've never felt more comfortable working out in a gym then I do in this gym.
- Tanya S.

Love that the equipment can be used by juniors and that the whole family can do it. Thanks.
- Chandler D.

Your Fit Club is MY Fit Club! I can come when it suits my schedule. The facility has the best equipment and the staff is awesome, friendly, and serious about helping me stay on track to stay fit and have fun!
- Christine M.

Very friendly, was very helpful when I first got my membership. Love the tanning bed! Great hours! I really like the equipment, it's so different. Glad I found this gym and plan on staying here!
- T.F.

So glad I left that other place! You know, the one that serves pizza and bagels. Since I joined Your Fit Club, working out has never been more enjoyable! Never bored with the same routine. Staff is wonderful too! Not to mention the great trainers they have. Thanks guys for making my workouts fun.
- Amber B.

My workouts with Liz are amazing! Liz is one of the best trainers I've ever had!
- Sherry B.

Great gym.
- D.S.C.

What makes Liz stand out from the rest is her absolute dedication to her personal training. She really customized the program to me and maintains high energy and motivational talk during the work out, which really keeps me going and pushing to new levels. She has taught me about working out safely and how to make my lifestyle more healthy. Working with Liz has given me new insight and motivation while definitely seeing improvement in my body!
- Kim Rutherford

There are many choices when selecting a gym and it really comes down to the people who work there. Liz is the best I have worked with by far. Liz will successfully push you and challenge you to perform beyond what you thought possible.
- Brent Denston

I have been training with Liz for a few months now. When I initially started, I couldn't believe how weak my muscles had become. Now, in a short time, I have become very strong, lean, and have a lot more energy. Liz has really pushed me to get past my fears of increasing weight while lifting due to prior injuries. She has shown me that I'm stronger than I think I am and she has always had more confidence in my strength and abilities than I have, but not anymore."
- Jen Gentry Saulski

Liz is a wonderful trainer. She is very motivating. She listens to what I want to work on and knows just how to get that extra push out of me. I have definitely gotten a lot stronger and more confident since starting to work out with Liz.
- Janell Haapala

Liz's kettlebell class has been a great addition to my workout. She really pushes you to accomplish more than you ever could working out on your own. I feel great every time I leave her class, she rocks!
- Shannon Pierce

I love training with Liz- while the workout is tough, It's fun at the same time. I can definitely see improvement in just a few weeks.
- Lynda Reilly

Two months ago I joined Your Fit Club and shortly after I started taking the kettlebell class. This is where I really started to see how much Liz could help me. These are the words that best describe Liz: Positive, strong, flexible, creative, and passionate. Having Liz as my personal trainer makes me proud to be a member of Your Fit Club.
- Shanna Stevenson


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